2002 | Tehran, Iran اپرای رستم و سهراب

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تکخوانی زن در ایران۲۴
سال بعد از انقلاب اسلامی
اپرای رستم و سهراب
به رهبری لوریس چکنواریان
دریا دادور در نقش تهمینه

“For the first time after 24 years of Islamic revolution, Darya Dadvar, a talented Iranian singer, performed marvelously as a soloist accompanied by 125 artists from Austria , Holland , Armenia and Estonia, the tragedy of “Rosatm and Sohrab” at Milad Theatre in Tehran”
BBC news, 2002

Darya Dadvar singing Tragedy of Rostam & Sohrab
from the Book of Kings – Shahnameh Ferdowsi
Composed by Loris Tjeknavorian
2003 Vahdat Theatre, Tehran, Iran.
This was the first time that an Iranian woman sang on the stage as a soloist in the 24 years after Islamic revolution in Iran.