“C’est une grand expérience de chanter pour la première fois un opéra dans ma langue maternelle, à côté d’un grand chef d’orchestre comme Loris Tjeknavorian et dans mon pays”
Le journal du festival de Arezou 2009

“The mixture of Darya Dadvar’s voice, and the composition of Loris Tjeknavorian based on the most fascinating tales in Shahnameh (Book of King), tragedy of “Rostam & Sohrab” of the famous Persian poet, Abolqasem Firdowsi which was performed in Milad Theatre was a wonderful experience”
Newspaper of International Music Festival of Tehran Iran 2002

“For the first time after 24 years of Islamic revolution, Darya Dadvar, a talented Iranian singer, performed marvelously as a soloist accompanied by 125 artists from Austria , Holland , Armenia and Estonia, the tragedy of “Rosatm and Sohrab” at Milad Theatre in Tehran”
BBC news, 2002

Soon and surely enough they fall in love with Darya. I wish I could transform sound into words so you could read what we heard that night.

Picture yourself standing in the desert and music becomes rain to caress your burnt body; envision yourself naked in the cold and music becomes warmth; imagine the voice is an ointment that sooths your battered soul slowly so you would experience tranquility, so you would soar to the very height and the boundaries of imagination.

Darya sings; love flies; hope is reborn and purity becomes infinite. The merciless rain outside subsides. Darya sings and the sun shines in the middle of the night.
Peyvand Magazine, Vancouver Canada 2004

Darya Dadvar: The nice melody of modernity. Darya’s voice brings the feeling of freedom and takes all the audience with her.
The newspaper of the Women Studies in Berlin, Germany 2005

Darya Dadvar a young opera singer shocked New York by her heavenly voice. The most interesting part of her job was to mix Persian themes with Classic opera, which made the result absolutely astonishing. Darya finished her education in France and earned two Masters Degrees from the most important music schools in the west
Woland Journal, New York USA March 2005